It’s 1:40AM. Afghanistan is so far away.

Below is a video I watch regularly to remind me of the place I’ve never been that constantly tugs at my heart. I recommend watching it on full-screen. The cinematography is like nothing I have ever seen.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Here is a something I wrote in the 11th grade. This year in high school, Afghanistan was constantly on my mind. It still is today, but I felt much more pain and sorrow when remembering it. I remember feeling very helpless and guilty that year.

Some would think me silly

Because I want to leave all my freedom, all my comfort, my safety

Just to kiss your dirt


They would think me absentminded

Because I want to lay on your green grass

And get lost

In a sea of thoughts

Of the blood pumping through my body


Would they think I’m dumb?

Because I would rather sleep on your hard, broken earth

Than on my feathered bed, a million miles away


Others would think me crazy

To see my veiled head, my clear face

When all I want to do is hug your torn children

Bloodied by confusion and raped by turmoil

When instead, I can not have a worry in the world


You’d think me foolish

Because I cry for the pained people, when they cry to God to kill them now

I want to run through bazaars with my siblings,

I want to lay in the snow until I ache


I would shed one thousand tears

I would cut one million slits

I would drain the blood from my body

Just to see you smile


You are all around me,

In the mirror

In my food

In my clothing

In my ceremony

In the men I love

In the features of my face

In the souls I would die for


All I am missing

Is the air I breathe in

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