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place your heart back in your chest 

You are there and 

I am here but

My heart rips into pieces

I run into the street
With my heart in my hands 

With tears streaming down 

My face 

I tell them 

Look what is happening
Look at the children

Look at the terror but 

No one stops or
Turns a cheek

They just glance at me like 

Foolish girl don’t you know
Your people

Here and there 

Are used to this and

They don’t love our children like we do and 

Don’t they want to be martyrs? And 

What value do they have for life anyways so foolish girl

Don’t be so dramatic 
Place your heart back in your chest

You are so lucky to be here 

Count your blessings because if you don’t like it here then you can leave 

And go cry and die with your precious people in your broken motherland 
Foolish girl 

Afghan lives are not lives they are just 

Reminders of how superior we are.

We are chosen.

& they are unfortunate.
This is how the world works. 

Place your heart back in your chest. 

This is how the world works.

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selective compassion 

Why do your 

Eyes look so tired 

Like you lived

One million lifetimes 

Like you loved

And lost everything 

Like you hoped

And the world collapsed on you 

Why do your eyes look like stone

Like what they saw 

Was pure evil

Hate reincarnate 


How can we breathe life

Back into you 

We cannot 

So we say 

This is what your culture is used to

A grave your people dug themselves

We make you so small

That when we see your dull eyes 

We say you do not know any better

It was supposed to be this way. 

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