Peshawar Slaughter

Since the horrible slaughter in Peshawar, I have seen/heard a number of comments regarding the role Afghans played in the attacks. I would like to clarify some points, because I think there isn’t enough understanding of the inception of the Taliban:

“In the 1980′s the United States, Saudi Arabia, and elements within the then Pakistani government funneled millions of dollars, weapons, equipment, and even foreign fighters into Afghanistan in a bid to oust Soviet occupiers. Representatives of this armed proxy front would even visit the White House, meeting President Ronald Reagan personally.” (SEE PHOTO)

Basically, the Talibs were used to fight a proxy war, on behalf of USA, against the Soviets. THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY. THIS IS DOCUMENTED TRUTH. Any political analyst can tell you this, and EVERY Afghan will agree.

The Taliban would not come into power, had it not been for the financial support of the US, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.

The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence has played a huge role, if not the strongest role, in not only providing finances, but also bases in which Talibs train. Pakistan has continuously sympathized with Talibs, because truth be told, an insecure Afghanistan means a strong Pakistan.
And lo and behold, where did we find Osama? Afghanistan? NOPE! He was in a mansion, in Pakistan. Hmmmm.

The comments that angered me the most sounded like, “kick all Afghans out of Pakistan. Send them back home. These people are barbaric and are not Muslims. They do not care if their children die”.

May I remind the international community that Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand Line; the arbitrarily created “border” between Afg & Pak, a sort of lawless no-mans land where the rule-of-law cannot be applied to the indigenous Afghan people who refuse to accept Pakistan as their nationality. So “kicking us out” would make no sense, since we never left.

Another comment said, “No! We are Muslims, and should welcome the Afghans as guests in our homes.”

May I remind the international community once again, that Pakistan was created in 1947. Afghanistan has been more or less of a sovereign nation-state/civilization for the past 6,000 years.


*May I also add that the only nations to recognize Taliban statehood were (drum roll please): UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan*

Afghan “refugees” would not be flocking in the hundreds of thousands into Pakistan had it not been for the numerous attacks Taliban organize. These same Taliban who find their might in the Pakistani foreign policy.

Policies of “divide & conquer” are also implemented. The Pashtuns, the largest ethnic group within Afg & Pak, are indigenous to both countries. I myself am an ethnic Pashtun, and we view both Afg & Pak as our ancestral homes. Since the inception of Pakistan, Afghan-Pashtuns and Pakistani-Pashtuns have been found on opposing sides, fighting for either country. Why are we doing this? Why are we throwing away a 6,000 year old history for the quarrels of newly founded nation-states? I would suggest that this time, better than any other, is a time for a stronger Pashtun unification movement. In any drone attack, in any battle, be it the Federally Administered Tribal Areas or the North West Frontier Province, OUR ethnicity is collateral damage. Instead of pointing fingers, Pashtuns should unify NOW, and recognize we have been PAWNED into fighting a Pakistani fight.

I am not posting this to fuel anger between Afghans and Pakistanis. Everything I have stated is fact, this isn’t some sort of Afghan nationalism meant to solely blame Pakistan. But IT CANNOT BE DENIED, that the ISI has played a major role in contributing to the Taliban problem.

I hope I did not offend anyone. But I cannot and will not tolerate the continued blame of my people for surrounding nations’ security problems. You don’t want a suicide attack? FINE. Stop funding the people who perpetuate them.

As the great Khan Abdul Wali Khan once stated, when a journalist questioned his loyalty and his first allegiance, to which his reply was, “I have been a Pashtun for six thousand years, a Muslim for thirteen hundred years, and a Pakistani for twenty-five.”

Assalam Alaykum.…/5420182

Madinah Wardak Noorai's photo.
 Madinah Wardak Noorai's photo.

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