You have your flaws

We sat in rooms


My heart would break

My mouth would not move but 

I’d hold my breath

All we talk about is

My mother and how she is a tyrant 

This is how we bond

One thing that makes us both laugh

This culture doesn’t cultivate 

A strong connection between

Father and daughter

Now I know

To look for your signals of love

They are in between noodles in soup

They are when you tell me to stop texting and driving

They are when you pat me on the back because

We are too afraid to hug

We both have endless love letters for one another but

I know and you know it too that

If we open our hearts, it would be too much

All the unsaid words

My baba, I will not twist your spine 

In silence or in screams

I will love you endlessly.

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  1. My love to your Aba. — Joe Pinto, Pune, India.

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