this art installation by Jenny Holzer changed my life. it is in our deepest dreams that we find new ways to cope, new strategies to remain resilient. so much of being human is having to adapt, to deal with change. as a Cancer I have an extremely difficult time with change – changing seasons, lifestyles, semesters, jobs, friends…. to many people change is exciting but for me it’s always been overwhelming. it triggers my anxiety and throws me off completely. but recognizing that and working through it is my goal for this year. 

keep dreaming, keep surviving. the strongest people are those that fight, even when the world around them is crashing.


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  1. Rosalyn

    I just discovered your blog. You are an amazing writer and have extremely insightful and unique perspectives on the geopolitical and socioeconomic situation in our world today. I hope your writing will become more widely known and have an effect how people view the world and each other.

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