I do not want daughters 

I do not want daughters.

My heart breaks when I stare deeply into the eyes of my baby niece. I imagine her brightness dulled and innocence stolen

By the hearts of men who are empty and cold

By systems that are ruthless and evil

By standards she won’t ever meet

God please do not give me daughters.

I can’t bear witness to my child’s tears when she feels she is not enough for them
When she feels stupid for her decisions

When she compares herself to the other broken girls competing for a man

My heart is already broken for the daughters we have not bore yet.

Their tired minds and their scarred wombs.

I do not want daughters.


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  1. Get a history about sun-better

  2. Bahara

    I don’t want daughters either. I just want sons because I want to raise a new generation of young afghan boys to be the perfect gentlemen and not like the stereotypical afghan boys you always rant about (I love your rants btw)

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