Loving Afghanistan

Loving Afghanistan is different than loving somewhere else.

We love a place that’s in shambles but was once buzzing with potential.

So we love memories but we also love Afghanistan for what it is now.


I love you because you were once so ready to be your best self – but I love you now through the pain and destruction. I love you because I’ve never seen you but my heart knows. And I love you because I can’t be with you now but I promise I will one day.

I love you because you make my life complicated, but you also bring me clarity. I love you because you tell me stories that no mind could make up. I love you because Alexander loved you, Genghis Khan loved you, Akbar loved you….. Royalty chose to live and die in your dirt. I love you even when you confuse me… even when you hurt me.


Your name is on the news everyday and most people don’t understand. They don’t understand how we can love a place that’s seen so much pain, so much blood. They believe you’re nothing but dirt and angry men; but I know you. I know you’re so much more.

I wish I could hold you in my arms and coo you to sleep. I wish I could keep you away from all the evil hearts that want to ruin you.

My heart is longing and this life is fleeting but when I dream of you it feels like forever.

I believe this is the collective love that will save you and I hope I’m alive to see you free.



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2 Responses to Loving Afghanistan

  1. This is beyond beautiful and on point.

  2. Nawid Elyacy

    Wow that was beautiful. Very well said.

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