Phoenix Woman 

Every time you call her stupid

A whore

You tell her she’s nothing

And that she is weak

Every time you remind her 

She is nothing without you

And that you gave her everything
You are fueling the fire

You are digging your own grave

You are planting seeds

You are the dirt she will push through
To become the most brilliant

The most powerful

The unstoppable

The unbreakable
Resilient Queen Mother
Phoenix from the Ashes
Something you couldn’t imagine

A story never told before
A creature so majestic

They don’t even have a name for it
Keep tormenting this caterpillar

You are helping her build her cocoon 

And watch how quickly she will crush you

After she rises to full bloom


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2 Responses to Phoenix Woman 

  1. Lord Raiden

    As soon as I saw the heading of your website, I instantly knew that you were some pseudo-intellectual, delusional, feminist, slutty embarrassment of a whore. I thought you were gonna be a self-respecting Pakhtun girl that values chastity, discretion, family, morals, shamefacedness, sobriety, modesty but to my astonishment you are the opposite of what a woman should be.

    Stop being a professional victim and stop thinking that you are being oppressed by society just like all these retarded feminists like to think. You’re a spoiled brat who’s living in America.

    You’re a whore, a drunk, and a selfish amoral bitch. Stop getting drunk and sleeping with countless guys learn to have self-respect and discretion, Islam is a false religion created by some demon possessed pedophile, he was a fraud and a false prophet.

    Only Jesus Christ can save you, He is the only way to salvation.

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

  2. yasminezazi

    ما شاء الله‎‎,

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