Ramadan Kareem

the incredible will power and patience i have witnessed time and time again during this month continues to amaze me. the most powerful Ramadan for me was walking alongside 3,000 pro-Palestine activists in the hot Los Angeles sun, protesting the violence in Gaza that summer 2014. it was one of the few times i felt extremely close to God and i still get chills thinking about it.

i come from a non-religious household but i still look forward to this month. for those participating, i am sending u love and light, and i pray that whatever qualms or worries in your heart disappear. i pray that love finds you as you walk down the street, i pray for endless happiness and laughter to fill your homes.

i’d like to ask forgiveness for anyone i have hurt. much love to all.



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  1. Ameen ameen. Your posts are so full of love and kindness.

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