Single Middle-Eastern Female

Ok, so you’re turning 25 and you’re still single. All the homegirls from the block are either married, engaged, or boo’d up with the guys they’re probably gonna marry. Whether you’re Persian, Afghan, Armenian, Indian or Arab, the pressure to get hitched is there – in the form of your great-aunt Zara asking why you haven’t had kids yet. I mean, if it takes a couple months to get to know a guy, then maybe like a year to 2 years to figure out whether you FASHO wanna marry him….then like, are you getting married at 31?! Popping out kids at 34?!

Both my sisters were married by 25. My mom at 15, in exchange for some goats and some land (real talk). But a trend I’ve noticed is our generation is getting married later – so what? I know most of us dreamed of a khastegari (hand-in-marriage ceremony) by 23…but if it didn’t happen its not the end of the world. Sure, there are still those girls who found their partners earlier in life….but let’s celebrate the freedom we have to still be single and USEFUL in this society…I mean it ain’t the motherland. We have opportunities here.

Tonight, two of my homegirls & I sat over hookah and chai, lamenting our single, Middle-Eastern female selves, talking about who was boo’d up and who was talking to who and which douche was still popping bottles at Sound, when our engaged friend arrived. She began a list of complaints about her fiancé. Homegirl was engaged for 4 years, and madly in love with him, but she had problems too. He was a homebody, and she missed being young and social, she missed nightlife and spending time laughing, drinking, things my friends and I did every weekend. Like a sign from God, it clicked in my head, right then and there. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s just different grass.

So, single Middle-Eastern females – REJOICE! Tell Khala Zara to shut up, and celebrate yourselves, single & free.

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