there will be times 

there will be times in your life

that someone will enter

someone who was once a stranger 

make you forget how to breathe

forget how to dream 

without their dreams intertwining into yours 

forget how to breathe without their scent on your nose 

forget how you rose up

without their hand lifting you

there will be times

you will feel nothing

because they taught you how to open

the corners of your heart and they filled them

when you remember 

just try to forget 

because they won’t be there to teach you

how to heal from their absence. 


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3 Responses to there will be times 

  1. I marvel at how you stated “heal from their absence” rather than adapt to their absence because you only hear people say you get used to certain presences or absences when that is not the case with people you love.

    This is my new favorite place on the internet.

    Thank you Madinah for sharing this poem. Just out of curiosity where is the picture from?

  2. Emotional dependency can cost a person more than they anticipate.
    Beautiful poem Madinah.

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