#WCW: Sara Daoud Does It All: Stanford Graduate & Musical Genius

Sara Daoud is an up and coming artist, but that sentence in itself is an understatement. Sara has been a choreographer, singer-song writer, and musician since she was 8 years old. Sara plays a variety of instruments and actively participated in choir, musical theatre and dance.

 I was so excited to discover Sara Daoud on Instagram this past year. I checked out her music and was impressed by the sound: original, laid-back, music to vibe to. It made me even happier to realize she was Afghan. It took us about three seconds to find out we all attended the same mosque as kids and our families know one another (I’m sure all Afghans can relate).

It’s no surprise that Sara is such an all-around badass: her mother is the original Miss Afghanistan. As a social activist and historical beauty queen icon, it’s easy to see where Sara gets her worldly talents from.


Zohra Daoud, the original Miss Afghanistan

I absolutely love how Sara has been able to represent herself as an artist, and this is reflected in her overall style as well. Sara seeks to merge old and new sounds, drawing inspiration from soul, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music. Sara finds great inspiration in her Afghan roots.

Aside from her musical talents, Sara is also a Wellcoaches certified Personal Health and Wellness coach, as well as a graduate from Stanford University, earning her bachelors in Human Bio and a Masters in Religious Studies. Sara is a certified yoga instructor and a Vipasanna meditation practitioner for 3 years.

Sara shared her thought on women in the media:

I sort of miss the 90s where women were independent R&B artists and had their own swag like En Vogue, Sade, TLC, and weren’t dominated by rappers. They carried themselves with dignity and respect and were more modest in general. I miss that naturalness and smoothness. My style is more in-tune with that era and feel, but I also want to re-awaken peoples roots by presenting my own Afghan heritage in my appearance and personality. I don’t see many women today representing their ancestors and their ancient roots, often because they may not be as in touch with it as they would like to. I am fortunate to be directly involved in my culture and proud of the deep history and still existing tribal culture that makes us as individuals so rich. 

I asked Sara where she drew her inspiration from:

Much of my writing and lyrics are inspired by my spirituality that is centered in Islam and has Sufi imagery as well as Buddhist and Taoist concepts engrained in them. These are areas I have heavily studied in my master’s program at Stanford and have tried to live for most of my life.

The importance of supporting talents like Sara is immense! It’s artists like herself that can change the way the general public views our people. Because it is undoubtedly through the medium of media that our images and our narratives will be shaped and represented. I highly encourage you all to check out Sara’s work, and support our Afghan sisters in their journeys. Through each of their stories, our collective image as a whole can be represented; not by big-time Hollywood media execs who push stereotypical caricatures, but by our own people, organically.

You can catch Sara on Instagram at Daoudlife.

You can click here to check out more of Sara’s music, & check out her video for “Go” below:



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