When Coexistence is Staged


If you’ve ever posted this picture, sorry to say, but you’re basic. Two reasons.

1. This picture is staged. Yep, thats right. Sorry to burst your peace-loving, coexisting bubble y’all, but the iconic photo that makes us go “awwww”, that has been published, retweeted, and cited thousands – if not millions of times – is a FRAUD. American photojournalist Ricki Rosen admitted to recruiting two Jewish boys from Jerusalem as part of a “symbolic illustration” for Canadian publication in 1993:

“The magazine wanted a symbolic portrayal of the idea of a long road to peace,” Rosen told the Times of Israel. “[The photo editor] instructed me to find models and dress them up in order to convey this idea.”

Awkward. The only truth to the photo is that the boys are actually friends, from the neighborhood of Abu Tor in Jerusalem.

I’ve seen the picture countless times, but it was revived after Rihanna tweeted it. Eight minutes AFTER she had to delete her #FreePalestine post because she was barraged by Tweeters asking if she supported Hamas (oh God STFU). When she posted the new more politically-correct Tweet, it was retweeted 46,000 times. Yep, 46,000 new lies on Twitter. 46,000 false narratives of Israeli-Palestinian peace.


2. Besides the authenticity of the picture, I have another issue with it. Posting it sends a message of love, unity, peace. But the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not proportionate. It is not so easy to make this picture come to life (with an actual Palestinian in it). This photo dangerously undermines the situation on the ground. Sure, I get it, spread peace & love and kumbaya. Albeit cute, it completely takes away from the reality of the situation at hand, which is one of life and death. So although Instagramming it might get you “likes” and cute bubbly comments, it’s not realistic. There’s gotta be stages to this sh*t bruh, don’t jump the gun. Admittance is the first step towards rehabilitation, so lets at least RECOGNIZE that basic human rights in Palestine are non-existent. Lets at least RECOGNIZE the Nakba, and the Palestinian right to SOVEREIGNTY, and their right to RETURN.

The image falsely gives hope to a highly disproportionate situation. It makes us forget that this conflict is lopsided, with a far greater number of Palestinians suffering. Lets look at the numbers shall we?

133 Israeli children and 2,060 Palestinian children killed since Sept. 2000



1,195 Israelis killed and 9,826 Palestinians killed since Sept. 2000



1,108 Israelis injured and 71,841 Palestinians injured since Sept. 2000



U.S. Aid to Israel in 2013: $8.5 million per day




262 Jewish-only settlements and outposts built on confiscated Palestinian land. Palestinians have no settlements on Israeli land.



The Israeli unemployment rate: 5.8%., West Bank: 22.5%, Gaza: 41%.



Israel has been targeted by  77 UN resolutions. Palestinians have been targeted by 1.



6500 Palestinians are held prisoner by Israel. Many of these are children whose crime is throwing stones at IDF soldiers.



28,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967. No Israeli homes have been demolished.




Pretty staggering right? So before we start asking rhetorical questions like, “Why can’t we all just get along?!”, I’ll answer you: Because there is a military occupation. Because one side controls all the water, electricity, and UN Aid, and won’t give it to the other side. Stop holding hands and making out and pretending like there aren’t thousands of people suffering in Palestine every day. Let’s get the f*ck out of Lala-land, where political-correctness is the ambrosia to the douchebag Status-Quo Gods.

The atrocities of Nazi Germany and the unbearable pain of Jews during the Holocaust in the past has absolutely NOTHING to do with Palestinians today. So please, stop posting that picture. It’s an insult to the Palestinian plight of survival.


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  1. My dear Madinah — As a journalist and editor since 1977, I know that most such “goody-goody” pics or “feel-good” factors are staged: fabricated or manipulated or choreographed, under instructions from editors.

    But the fact that U have called it “an insult to the Palestinian plight of survival” is what makes this blog-post significant. Keep up the effort to expose the fact: “The atrocities of Nazi Germany and the unbearable pain of Jews during the Holocaust in the past has absolutely NOTHING to do with Palestinians today.” By doing so, U strike at the foundations of Zionist propaganda.

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