Why They Hate Us: On Being an Outspoken Afghan Woman Online


Ugh. This was emotionally draining. Being an outspoken Afghan woman online has brought me my share of misogynistic pigs who will try anything to silence me. Mind you, my social media accounts are fairly typical of someone my age, but the thing that REALLLLLY pisses off men (mostly Afghan men) is the fact that I use my brain to form thoughts that I then share with my followers. Now THAT’S the worst thing you can do as an Afghan woman. Exercise your self-agency.

It is extremely frustrating fighting for the liberation of Afghan lives when countless Afghan men want to erase me and other Afghan activist women.

& it’s so disturbing in every aspect. Some of these men initially hit on me, and when they’ve been rejected, find it SO appalling, SO damaging to their egos – that they go from wanting my attention through bullshit compliments to then DEMANDING my attention by verbally assaulting me. See male privilege is precisely this, resorting to hyper-sexualizing a woman through insults like “slut”, “whore”, etc., when they have absolutely nothing else to say.

& some of these men simply found my accounts and just find a problem with me existing. An Afghan woman, who is proud of her background, who partakes in the beauty of her culture, yet refuses to acknowledge the patriarchal boundaries normalized therein. Yes, I can do both at the same time. This is what angers them.

I am whatever the fuck I want to be. I do not need to acknowledge your existence. My DMs, my phone number, my email, those are avenues for you to contact me. I might have even given you permission to do so at one time. But none of those avenues require a response. I will respond how I please. My existence is not to make your world beautiful. I won’t smile when you tell me I look more beautiful that way. I won’t shutup when you say I’m a whore who brings shame to our culture and religion because I call your bullshit out. I am not your poor mother who perpetuated misogyny and never had a voice in her own home. I am not your sister who you shield so ferociously while you lead doe-eyed non-Afghan women into your bedroom. An Afghan woman must be a fresh dish cooked only for you to devour, but those Mexican girls are disposable right? Your double-standards and treatment of BOTH Afghan & non-Afghan women is what makes you lesser than the “kafirs” you pretend to hate so much.

& I am not the complacent Afghan woman who, in an attempt to please YOU, pretends to hate women like me. Because the most insidious form of patriarchy is that passed on by a woman.

I might message you back one day & not the next because I fucking can. Yes, I’m from Los Angeles and I am American. Yes, my heart is in Afghanistan and I will go to give back. I can wear a hijab while I pray and a skirt while I party, I can act like a bimbo at a club & lecture at a conference the next day. I know it’s frustrating and shocking that I can do all this and still thrive, while you live a double-life because you are so fragile and weak that if you were exposed, you would crumble.

You do not own Afghan women. We are not a commodity, we are not cattle. We’re not better or worse than women from other cultures. When we are in diaspora, we may become “Westernized”, how scary and sad to you that we are losing those “values” that kept you in control. But don’t worry because we will be fetishized in the cultures we assimilate in; men have created the world to work that way, our oppression is universal whether in Kabul or California.

I am tired. It’s not something that’s easy to ignore when it happens. Every time I am verbally attacked by a man hiding behind a phone screen, I am reminded of EVERY OTHER time a man tried to take away my agency. EVERY OTHER time I was NOT given a choice.

So you see it might look like an online “troll” to you, but it is reliving trauma for me, and for my sisters, and for every woman of color who has to sacrifice a little piece of their souls while doing this work.

If my existence is a radical form of protest than so be it. I won’t shrink anymore to give you space. I won’t watch my tongue to make you comfortable. I won’t be complacent while you suffocate my sisters. Misogyny will no longer be normalized in my life.


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15 Responses to Why They Hate Us: On Being an Outspoken Afghan Woman Online

  1. Nora

    You are a courageous and talented woman and those who insult you are just stupid people with psychological problems. They should see a shrink.

  2. Maryam Ayaz

    that has been the problem for centuries now. They just cant tolerate seeing women progress and then they cover their jealousy by throwing hate. You can defend them by being mire strong and doing what you do. I suggest dont respond such idiots at all it will burn their ass and will stop msging you.

  3. This post is brilliant. Well done for calling out a double standard that has existed for a very, very long time. Thank you!

  4. Megan Jo Specht

    Bravo! Yes!

  5. Medinah

    Gave my goosebumps girl!
    Awesome! Do not become another face in the crowd.

  6. Bill

    Keep doin what you’re doing!! As an Afg male who hates this misogynistic bs, I totally commend you on your opinions and your blog in general!!

  7. farhad quami tajik

    mate stop thinking your representing afghanistan, from a person who hasnt lived their once ur very deluded.
    i lived in afg many times and what u western afghans do is polar opposite to afghan culture.
    You think ur some outspoken afghan women, lol calm down mate. I have seen people like youse coming to afg lying to people about helping them and then making films on their lifes for ur own popularity.

    Their is a new agenda, they want to make women masculine and turn men femnine. However this is totally against nature. nothing comes close to a women who stays traditional. look at my grandmother she was a tradional women that u feminist think r oppressed but let me tell u 1 thing she has more respect in eyes of all her kids than all u feminists combined.

    may those words of mine inspire you to become a real women. nothing better than a feminine women cleaning, cooking and looking after the kids.

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